Alumalux – a new revolutionary medium

May 17th, 2012

Printing on Alumalux is now available. Allumalux is a contemporary product where the print is infused within aluminium to produce not only vivid colours and sharp detail but also, a scratch and water resistant finish that is ultra-light-weight. Useful applications for this medium include alfresco areas to add some colour and style to your home’s outdoor entertaining area. The results are incredible so feel free to contact me on how you can inspect a sample. Printed exclusively for all images here by the Fitzgerald Photo Lab and available in the following sizes: 20”, 30” and 40” on the longest side. Please contact me should you require a custom size.



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  1. Fotini says:

    about comparing oeslnef to others. It’s so true! I’m not the best I can be, so I enjoy looking at other photographer’s work. Yes, sometimes I get discouraged by how much better they are, but I truly appreciate you posting those two photos to demonstrate that having a DSLR doesn’t automatically turn you into a photographer. Learning and growing (and a certain amount of talent) are some of the makings of a professional. Thank you!

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