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May 15th, 2017


A presentation for photographers who want to pursue honest and authentic imagery.

I feel that in a world today where digital technology is quickly removing a lot of the skill required to become a photographer, developing a unique vision to guide your work is now more important than ever before. I think to be unique and stand-out you need to produce images that communicate “you” and instil “you” the photographer in them. I know that I’m very much still trying to strive for this and I’m only at the beginning of my journey.
I think that we are all unique as we have had different experiences which have shaped our perceptions, beliefs and ultimately what defines our personality today. I think as photographers we need to try and create images to reflect this unique personality.
So if you’re wanting to explore a deeper journey in your photography, then this free downloadable presentation is for you.
Download the Find Your Voice Presentation
Thank you to all of the inspiring photographers for their insightful quotes that I have referenced in this presentation.

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