New Motion Exhibition and Book – coming in November 2014

April 21st, 2014

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be holding my second solo exhibition on a new project simply labelled ‘Motion’. The exhibition will present a unified body of images produced from experimentation using intentional camera movement to create non literal images possessing rich textures and light, and most importantly, images that demand interpretation. As part of the Motion project, a hard-cover coffee table book will accompany and compliment the exhibition. All images will depict the natural landscape. The project forms part of my broader vision in aiming to simplify the complicated mess that a landscape can be and focus on trying to capture space, light and textures.

The Motion exhibition and accompanying book launch will be held in Melbourne in November 2014. Details on the opening night and exhibition period dates and venue will be provided soon.

“It’s the removal of context that allows us to be free from the distraction of knowing what it is, which too often prevents us from truly seeing, and stops us from enjoying the texture of the colour, or some other quality we’ve never seen before. It also allows us to see other things to make up our own story.” David DuChemin

The project is inspired by the work of photographers such as David Baker and Steve Coleman.


David Baker (Milou Vision)

Copyright David Baker (Milou Vision)
Steve Coleman

Copyright Steve Coleman
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