New Personal Project – The Voiceless

July 7th, 2017

After recently reading David duChemin’s latest book titled The Soul of the Camera, I’ve been inspired to take my photography to a deeper level. This new source of inspiration is a timely one too given that I’ve recently been giving thought to beginning a new personal project. So after some inner reflection to understand what really moves me and pulls at my heart strings, I’ve decided to begin a new personal project titled The Voiceless.
This project will be an exploration into using my chosen medium of photography to bring awareness to the biggest cause of animal suffering in the world today; the industrialization of the production of animal goods. This personal project will aim to create powerful, emotion filled, and thought provoking fine art imagery with a unified message. This is something that I care deeply about and so this imagery will be very close to my heart.
To help create a cohesive body of work, I’ll be deliberately imposing some constraints; all images will be presented in black & white, interpreted to display dark tones and all captured at 50mm perspective.
My goal will be to create 12 creative fine art prints and display these in a small exhibition to be held in Melbourne in 2018 as frame-less hanging prints. Images will largely be comprised of composites to help convey my message. 100% of proceeds from the sale of any fine art print will be donated to both Edgars Mission and Animals Australia; two amazing voices for helpless suffering animals. More details about the exhibition to come.
I strongly recommend David’s duChemin’s latest book to any other photographer with a thirst to create more meaningful imagery. Read about the book and grab your copy at The Soul of the Camera is endorsed by some incredible photographers including John Paul Caponigro, Guy Tal and Brooke Shaden.



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