Some words on My South America Experience so far

June 3rd, 2015

I haven’t written anything regarding my South American adventures in forever so I’m going to change that now… I won’t talk about my experiences over the last 130 or so days as that would be too much but rather what’s fresh in my mind.
I’ve recently finished my time in Ecuador and I’m now in Colombia. Just to keep it short, from the little experience I’ve had so far here I’ve found Colombia to be incredibly much more than the naive preconceptions that a lot of us who haven’t visited the country before have. I feel a little ashamed about that but perhaps the media has had a large influence. So far I’ve found Colombia to be blessed with a great deal of wealth (although very disproportionately distributed) and friendly and embracing people. But more on Colombia another time after I’ve enjoyed more time here.
Speaking of time, for anyone who is short on it but really wants to come and experience a slice of South America then in my opinion I recommend looking no further than Ecuador. Ecuador has absolutely everything. Landscapes; lush Amazonia jungle, snow capped mountains and volcanos, tropical beaches and deserts and all only within hours of driving of one another. Not to mention the Galápagos Islands although getting there involves flying. Just as varied are the climates; again within a few hours you can go from hot and humid conditions at sea level to chilly conditions in colonial towns and cities at altitudes of over 3,000m. Not only this but Ecuador will also provide a very rich cultural experience, where even in the larger cities, beautiful ladies wearing traditional dress are abundant so too are the Ecuadorian men with their long pony tales wearing their famous hats that are so synonymous with Ecuador.
Above all I thought the people were incredibly friendly and generous. In fact getting away from Ecuador and speaking from on a more general sense, in my experience so far over these past 130 days in South America, I have felt a strong sense of community amongst the people all over South America. I feel like people here are less greedy, consuming and judgmental, and at least in my opinion, appear to be more generally content than western society.
Although I didn’t think it at the time, I feel that my Ayahuasca experience has changed me and allowed me to be more conscious than ever before in my life. 7 years spent sleepwalking after being “programmed” by western society, I feel like I’ve now woken-up.


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