Why Australian Landscape Photography? Part I

September 7th, 2011


For the first opening blog I thought I would share with you why it is that I photograph landscapes and in particular landscape photography of Australia.

I was not born in Australia. My parents migrated to Australia when I was just two. Growing up I constantly wanted to and felt a genuine excitement to share the new country I called home with my family in Europe where I would very often buy many pictorial books of Australia that illustrated its amazing landscapes and posted them to my family. At this early age the seed that would flourish into a passion had already been planted although many more years would pass before I realised it.

The excitement of sharing Australian imagery with others naturally fuelled a motivation for me to go and see it for myself. So after a period in my life during my late teens and early 20’s where I lacked any real direction and purpose in my life, I made the bold decision to leave my comfortable life in the city that I had lived in for 21 years and set-out to explore more of Australia…

It was this time travelling alone that I discovered complete solitude for the first time in my life. It was a time that I discovered my heart and felt an overwhelming realisation of just what it had been trying to tell me all those years ago as a young boy sharing those images of Australia. This realisation turned into a passion…an obsession.

Using a point and shoot camera I took many images of the raw Australian landscapes that I encountered in my travels and what an exciting and spiritual period of my life it was. I never had any intention in doing anything more with these images then just share them and aim to inspire the people around me to see the scenery that I witnessed for themselves. I took images to please myself and images that I was passionate about; I think this was very important and it is something that I still live up to today. I have never shot a wedding and I never will…

I’ll finish this story in a second post soon. I hope you’ll read on


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