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The Free World in The Landscape – Sunday 20 March 2016
The western world is often touted as the free world. In Australia we are commonly labeled as a country full of freedom. But just how free are we in modern day society with the rapidly increasing over regulations and over governance? Dictating more and more what is not allowed. The word “No” is more common than ever. In this body of work, this ideology has been transcended from the urban landscape and taken into the natural form to try and illustrate what could very well become a reality in the future where this over regulating culture spreads beyond the urban landscape.
Date: Sunday 20 March 2016
Pirra Homestead
Windermere Road, Lara
Victoria, Australia

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Reflections in Solitude – March to April 2012
FotoFreo Photography Exhibition 2012 Logo
Part of the 2012 FotoFreo Photography Festival (Australia’s largest photography festival), Reflections in Solitude will display a small number of miscellaneous large scale prints by Ricardo Da Cunha. This is a relatively small exhibition and is a stepping stone into the larger and official “Reflections in Solitude” exhibition to be held at a later date.
Date: 17th March – 15th April
Opening Times:
Friday from 12:00pm till late
Tuesday – Sunday 6.00pm till late
Maya Restaurant
75-77 Market Street,
Fremantle, WA 6160

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New Awakening – November 2010

Photos from the New Awakening Exhibition

An exhibition of large scale prints captured over the last 12 months by Ricardo Da Cunha will be held in Fremantle in Western Australia in November. Refer to details below:

The New Awakening exhibition will display a number of large scale photographic prints captured within the last 12 months by local Landscape Photographer Ricardo Da Cunha. Each image displayed depicts natural scenes from Western Australia and beyond that contain no evidence of human intervention in Ricardo’s quest to present a body of work that demonstrates how awe inspiring our unblemished natural world is.

Affiliated with The Wilderness Society, Ricardo’s mission is to capture and present striking and influential images that will raise our awareness of the importance of conservation and to ultimately influence changes in our attitudes and behaviour. Admission to the exhibition is free.

New Awakening Exhibition

Date: 6:30pm to 9:30pm Saturday 20th of November
Kidogo Arthouse
BathersBeach, Mews Road
Fremantle, WA 6160

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Landscape Photography Exhibition Invitation - Front

Landscape Photography Exhibition Invitation - Back