Here is a place that I have dedicated to where I source my inspiration from and in doing so I hope it can do the same for you. I hope you enjoy this collection of quotes and photographers that have had a profound impact on my own journey.




“I do recall thinking early on that the detail of an Ansel Adams shot was boring to me—almost too technically perfect to be interesting. That kind of work is the goal of most landscape photographers, so the number of competing images is ridiculous, and they all end up looking like each other. I wanted to be able to enter a landscape with a different goal—that of interpretation rather than duplication.”

Frank Grisdale


“As photographers we are creative and we bring our own vision to what we see and do. We are not ‘photocopiers’; we are not there to just make a Xerox copy of what we see. I like to think that the photographer can be a ‘part’ of the photograph in the sense that the photographer contributes their own unique vision of the scene.”

Steve Coleman


“This is a lifetime process and I believe more and more that our photographs are not only incomplete expressions of an ever-changing vision, but are the means through which we look ever-deeper.It’s the willingness to be open to discovery that makes photographs that are beautiful, honest, imperfect and alive.”

David DuChemin




Mariano Belmar
Dirk Wustenhagen
Sue Robertson
Michael Levin
Josef Hoflehner
Julian Calverley
Chris Friel
Nicholas Hughes