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I’m an experienced trainer and offer privately run one-on-one day courses in either half/day (4 hour) or full day (8 hour) sessions. Aimed for beginners and amateurs, a complete full day private course consists of the first 4 hours of tuition out in the field in image capture and the other 4 hours is spent behind the computer in post image capture processing. You have the flexibility to complete the full 8 hour private course to cover both capture and post processing or alternatively choose to just receive the 4 hour private course in either. All full day and 4 hour in the field private courses include a sunset shoot where the skills and techniques learned during the day are put into practice in a hands-on approach.

By the end of the course you will have gained knowledge to all of the methods and techniques that I apply in my very own images and it will provide you with a solid capture and/or post production workflow – the key to achieving consistently high quality results.

Irrespective of which course you choose, you will be provided with a detailed course booklet that contains information that is taught during the respective course including additional expanded information for your later reference and further development. Although it is preferable that you bring your own camera and tripod, it is not compulsory as you will have access to use all of my own personal equipment at no extra cost. Half day 4 hour private courses are $399 and full day 8 hour long courses are $599. Complete the first course and enjoy the convenience of completing the second at any time. Refer to the course content programs for both private courses below:

To book or to ask any questions, contact me at: or by calling: 0403137738

In the field image capture course program (4 hours):

• Preparation (research and planning)

• Composition

• Capture Fundamentals (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Histogram, Metering, White Balance, Hand-holding)

• Capturing panoramic images

• Focusing (Achieving optimum depth-of-field including focus stacking/blending)

• Understanding the types of natural light and how to best use it

• Working with and balancing light

• Using filters (Graduated Neutral Density, Neutral Density, Polarizer and UV)

• Recommended resources (free online/smart phone tools, suppliers, etc)


Post image capture processing course program (4 hours):

• Colour Management (monitor calibration, colour spaces and printer/output profiles) – includes free monitor calibration

• RAW conversion – includes free set-up of Presets

• Stitching

• Photoshop basics (adjustment layers, masking, resizing and sharpening) – includes free set-up of Actions

• Multiple Exposure and Shutter Blending

• Print preparation (soft proofing and conversion to printer profile)

• Optimizing images for the web

• Recommended resources and suppliers


In addition to each course’s objectives, I will also cover any additional specific areas that you would like to learn and you will be encouraged to ask any questions throughout the course in order to make the most of the course. My goal is to ensure that you walk away with everything that you need to know and to completely erase any uncertainty regarding any area.

Prices are based on performing courses within the Melbourne metro area. Lunch is provided on full-day courses.
Mobile credit card payment facility is available thus providing the convenience to pay for the course in person on the day.


At a glance:

• Completely customised for your needs and skill level

• Detailed course booklet provided for your further reference and development

• No equipment necessary

• Access to all of the knowledge and techniques that I apply in my very own workflow

• Convenient mobile credit card facility available

• Ongoing email and phone support with no limitations

• Lunch included for full-day courses

Course Testimonials:
“We both wanted to thank you for your time and effort. Gayle and I both enjoyed it and I can truly say that it covered off a lot of things that I was not too sure of and reinforced some of the things that I had heard of but had not fully understood. The pace was just right and the opportunity to ask questions was always there. We found it all laid back and easy paced which was great and I have already recommended the course to other people. The notes will make an invaluable reference not to mention the links to other sites and books. All that remains now is to get out, take some photos and practice. Once again many thanks for your time and patience.”
Robert & Gayle, Melbourne
“Thanks for yesterday I found it really useful.The one on one really worked for me because as I explained it has been really frustrating when I’ve done a group session and the person training needs to spend more time with people who don’t even know the most basic features of DSLRs or their particular camera.Yesterday was useful because I was confident with most of the basics but you really helped demystify some elements and introduced ideas I hadn’t thought of before.”
Frank Makryllos, Melbourne
“Thanks so much for all the tips and advice – I’ve found it all really useful and have had some great feedback from people about my photos. In particular I feel I have a much better understanding of how to utilise the ISO and I think my eye for composition has vastly improved; before your course I hadn’t even thought I needed help with either! So thanks.”
Marama Garland, Perth
“Many thanks for your time on Sunday. It was a very good course and helped me understand a lot of the finer points you covered.”
Allan Lozsan, Mandurah
“I found the course very useful and your offer of ongoing help is invaluable and adds a lot of extra value to the course.”
Greg Hilton, Perth
“I think the one private lesson was far more beneficial than the class situation which would not have been specific to my needs. Thank you for your patience and kind offer of help in the future if needed.”
Peta Maricic, Perth
“Thanks again for the lesson, I certainly picked up a lot of good stuff in it!”
Peter Glorie, Perth

To book or to ask any questions, contact me at: or by calling: 0403137738


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