Private Tuition/Course Terms & Conditions

1. Cancellations are permitted however please notify me as soon as possible. If the course/tuition is not rescheduled and in the case where payment has been made before the commencement of the course/tuition, then a complete refund will be made via your preferred payment method. Please note that in the case where the detailed course/tuition booklet has been sent to you in advance, a fee of $99 will be retained.

2. A detailed course booklet is provided on the course/tuition day. Should you however prefer to receive it beforehand then the course fee will have to be payed before the scheduled course/tuition date.

3. If adverse weather conditions prevent the in-the-field shooting component of a half or full day course then arrangements will be made to fulfill this part of the course at another time at no additional cost.
Contact me should you want to find out more.
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