In addition to the photographic work that I pursue personally, I also collaborate with other Australian based fine art photographers in a collaborative known as The Light Collective.

As a collective, we seek to expand our boundaries of landscape photography and embark on larger scale projects that typically involve exhibiting and publishing our work in print. A more noble purpose behind our imagery is to inspire and empower a deeper connection and relationship with Australia's incredible natural landscapes and awaken a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for its conservation.

"Long as I recall I have had a deep appreciation for, and a willingness to help protect, our remaining wilderness areas and the fragile life that they support. It's this desire that fuels the choices that I make in my life and it's one of the key reasons that I joined The Light Collective. Where as a collaborative, we stand to speak a louder voice for our ailing environment by combining our artistic capabilities.

The privilege to work alongside a group of fine image makers united in a common environmental awareness goal is something that is very special to me and something I do not take for granted."

Please visit to see what we're currently working on.